Pet First Aid Instructors

About Our Program

The following will answer some of your questions about becoming a Pet First Aid Instructor:

You must have completed the Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Certificate class with a minimum mark of 84%.
We do not accept Certificates from other programs. Pet First Aid is currently an unregulated industry and most programs are shorter than ours. Therefore we must ensure candidates have had complete and accurate training. Previous Veterinary medical experience or first aid experience does not exclude candidates from requiring the prerequisite course.

Experience in the field.
You must have worked professionally with pets in some capacity for a minimum of 2 years. And have experience in teaching and/or public speaking. Training in human First Aid is also an asset.
Application process.
Please contact us to request an application. The application involves answering numerous questions, a phone interview and reference checks.



Distance Learning Pet First Aid Instructor Program

Did you know Walks 'N' Wags offers a Distance Learning Pet First Aid Instructor Program?

To request application, you must have completed the initial Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Pet First Aid program and meet the general criteria to become an Instructor. Then, to apply for the Distance Learning Pet First Aid Instructor program please ensure you meet and can provide evidence of being qualified in at least TWO of the following THREE criteria:

  • Professional experience speaking publicly and/or being an educator (examples: teacher, dog trainer, corporate trainer)
  • Experience (Professional) in a hands-on health-related field (examples: Veterinary technician, nurse, First Aid Instructor, lifeguard, firefighter etc)
  • Professional experience working hands-on with dogs and/or cats for a minimum of one year (examples: kennel owner, dog grooming, dog walker, cat sitter, shelter attendant etc)
The Cost

Cost of the Distance Learning Pet First Aid Instructor Program is $799.00 CAD, including shipping. This program is available worldwide and will allow qualified candidates to introduce Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid to their community.

Once accepted into the program, learning materials will be shipped to the instructor candidate. Candidates have one year to complete the required coursework and it is easily submitted via email. There will be ongoing support available throughout the process from Walks ‘N’ Wags head office.

For more information, please email us at

Pet First Aid Instructors

Pet First Aid Instructors at Delta Pet Expo DemoWalks 'N' Wags trains Pet First Aid Instructors across North America to offer our reputable Pet First Aid Program. We pride ourselves in our dedication to the success and happiness of our Instructor family and commit to ensuring our program material is kept up-to-date. $849 CAD (inclusive).

Prospective Instructors should have a background working with animals professionally for at least 2 years. Training in Human First Aid Instruction, Public Speaking, and/or Course Facilitation are also an asset. If you are interested in becoming a Pet First Aid Instructor we are happy to answer any questions you may have. In-class Pet First Aid Instructor Courses are offered in a rotation of Canadian cities twice per year.

There are now Walk 'N' Wags Pet First Aid Instructors across Canada with expansion to the United States and other countries.



ZOOM June 8 & 9, 2024 Contact

In an effort to reduce travel requirements during COVID-19 pandemic, in-person instructor courses are being held via Zoom until further notice. Thank you.

We asked student instructors what their favorite part of our Instructor course was.
Here are some their anonymous replies:

“I really loved how much attention Lisa was able to give us individually. It's clear that she really cares about the students and wants us all to succeed equally, it's nice to feel like you have strong support behind you when you're learning to teach!”

“All the extra information I was not expecting - how to use social media, how to find course students, lesson plans, budgeting for the courses. A most unexpected surprise having all this information included in the course!”

“That all students were supportive and supported. Despite the length of the course, it definitely did not feel long.”

“Lisa is very encouraging.”

“Small Class size, also, learner centred teaching was great because it helped me with being so anxious about presenting and working with a group of people I didn't know!”

What People are Saying

I love being a Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid Instructor. I truly believe that part of being a responsible pet owner is knowing Pet First Aid because you never know when you'll need it.

The most satisfying part about being an Instructor is when I hear stories from my students like the one from Margaret Blackman, Director of Helping Homeless Pets. Margaret had just arrived home from completing the Pet First Aid in May 2012. As she walked through the door, certificate in hand, she found Pogo, one of her Dachshund rescues lying on the floor, conscious, but unable to move. Margaret quickly stabilized Pogo and securely transported him to the Emergency Vet Clinic where they performed spinal surgery the next morning. After only 2 months, Pogo was virtually back to his old self. Had it not been for Margaret’s quick actions using her newly acquired skills and knowledge, Pogo’s outcome could have been significantly different. Her comment to me afterwards was "I think every pet owner should take the course and most definitely every rescue foster home."

Comprehensive Program

The program is very comprehensive. Students always remark how the course covered far more than they expected. No one has ever left unsatisfied, and that's due to the enormous amount of time Lisa puts into ensuring the course is relevant and up to date on the latest pet first aid recommendations and treatments. Lisa provides unparalled support to all her Instructors, not only in regards to the course, but also in running a business to website and social media assistance.

When I teach this course, I know I'm making a difference in people's lives and possibly the lives of their pets.

Lynda Kitson
K9 Compass
GTA and surrounding area, Ontario


I decided to take the Walks 'N' Wags Instructor training after taking the Pet First Aid course with Lisa Wagner. We was so inspired by the course content and the way that it was presented. It also seemed like a natural fit given that I am the Owner/Operator of two retail pet supply stores. I was excited about offering the Pet First Aid training to my customers. What I didn't expect was how gratifying it would be to teach this course to loving pet owners who really just want to do the best for there companion animals.

Every time I teach, I am amazed at how engaged the course participants are and how excited they are to be learning Pet First Aid skills. I am thrilled to be part of the Walks 'N' Wags community of Instructors and feel very fortunate to have Lisa's unwavering support and guidance.

Now I am on a mission, how to train every single pet owner in Pet First Aid...

Eileen Smith
A Pet's Life
Victoria, BC


I love being a Walks 'N' Wags instructor. I've been doing this since 2002. It's a great way to stay current about the latest trends and thinking in pet health care. Lisa is very professional, responsive, and open to feedback. She adapts the curriculum as new research is available, which is essential for this kind of program.

Louise Yates
K-Lane Kennels
Regina, Saskatchewan
The Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Instructor course is a well-crafted, thorough, demanding program. Each Instructor-in-training is provided with everything that is necessary to know about teaching the pet first aid course, as well as in how to set up a business, and market it. This is an ‘action-packed’ course. Subsequently, the course allows a sufficient period of time for the final project to be submitted. This is the part that requires a huge amount of dedication and creativity to accomplish effectively, as it ultimately determines the success of each course the graduated instructor teaches.

Lisa, Walks 'N' Wags' Operations Director, is a born teacher who is passionate about Pet First Aid. She freely offers encouragement, inspiration, positivity galore, constructive criticism, and is sensitive to the needs of all. She is efficient in her delivery of the course, clearly states its goals, and adheres to them. She has a dynamic personality that is inspirational. Her love of animals shines through, and her willingness to freely give of her limited time to animals in need, both locally and with World Vets overseas, is admirable. I have found that she is fantastic to work with, a woman of her word, and is deserving of high praise for having delivered a course of this caliber with such high standards.

We hope that I will be able to continue to deliver this wonderful course for many years to come. I am thrilled that I found the Walks ‘N’ Wags pet first aid course! Thank you, Lisa!

Heather Rankin
First Aid "Fur" Pets Preventative Care Centre
Serving BC's Fraser Valley