2016 Update From Tux to SAINTS Rescue

Today is the 4th anniversary of our Tux’s adoption from SAINTS Rescue.

Each year Tux prepares an update to send to SAINTS.  We also share his news with the public in hopes that people will consider adoption – especially senior adoption.  Here is Tux’s 2016 letter:

Dear family at SAINTS:

2016 was definitely quite a year.  I’m actually not sure where to begin because so much happened!

I guess I’ll start with January and go from there.  We spent New Year’s eve and the beginning of 2016 at our family cabin.  It was really cold and snowy.  As you know I am a frozen popsicle so I brought all my cold weather gear.  We did all sorts of fun things there, including ice fishing, snowshoeing and just having some good old fashioned outdoor fun.

Me and my bro Floyd having a blast

Whenever I get cold I can count on my people

Back at home in Vancouver my rescue brother Floyd and I continued to enjoy the winter to the fullest.  We didn’t get much snow so instead of hitting the mountains, we made the most of our glorious city.  Here are a few of my adventures (and some of my amazing dog friends):




In February we did manage to find a little snow.  I was pretty excited about it and we headed up to Cypress mountain a couple times to snowshoe and a little bit of tobogganing.





Of course when done playing I always make time for lots of rest.  I did turn 13 last December after all.  I don’t feel it, but Lisa keeps reminding me that I’ve gotta take care of myself.




For Family Day in February we headed back up to our cabin.  There was a TON of snow there. Wowee!  More fun!  Oh, and I’m not sure if I told you but whenever the family makes crepes, they ALWAYS make one for me :).



In March, my family went away for a couple weeks.  I stayed home with my awesome dog sitter Leanne and held down the fort.  I may or may not have climbed onto the kitchen table, broken into her backpack looking for snacks, knocked a chair over and broke it.  There’s no proof that it was me so maybe it could have been one of the cats???

When my family got back it was Easter.  Freakin’ awesome timing if I might say so myself.  Fortunately the Easter bunny didn’t forget about me this year.


Floyd and I were definitely pretty excited to have the family back at home.  As you know I love snuggling on the couch but he even ventured up for a cuddle with Lisa and I!   Family time is the best.


The weather started to improve so me, my family, and friends hit the great outdoors some more.  You’ll remember I’m half the man I used to be so I’ve gotta work to keep my lean machine body!






In the Spring we went back up to our family cabin.  There’s lots to do there and it always wipes me out.  Thank goodness I own all of the couches!




Once the weather warmed up I really got to enjoy myself.  The rest of the Spring and Summer were totally awesome.  Here are some of my adventures!








In June I had the adventure of a life time.  Me, Lisa, my Grandpa Cliff, and his dog Bonnie all went on a road trip.  TO ARIZONA!  It was the adventure of a lifetime and I will never, ever forget it.






When we got back it was summer here in BC.  We went up to the cabin for Canada Day and as you know, I might be a Chihuahua mix but I LOVE to camp!  All those hot dogs and marshmallows…not to mention the cuddles in the sleeping bag.  I can’t get enough of it.








Summer was coming to a close and we headed back to our cabin for one last camping trip.  I’d had a sore back that morning so Lisa took me to the Vet for a checkup.  They gave me some pain medication and we left for the cabin.  Unfortunately the next morning I woke up paralyzed in my hind end.  We raced back to the city and I had emergency spinal surgery.

It’s been a long and challenging road these last few months.  I had to live in an x-pen for a month and go to physical therapy for many weeks.  When Lisa phoned you freaking out you were there for us.  You not only listened but helped to get me the items I needed to get better.  Your saying “Once a SAINT, always a SAINT” is definitely true.  Thank you to my SAINTS family for always being there.





So, here I am several months later and I’m still on the mend.  I’d say I’m at about 80-85% use of my back legs.  I can definitely walk but I’m not super stable and can’t go all that far anymore.  But boy am I ever happy to be able to walk and to control my bladder again!  I can pee on all my favorite trees in the neighbourhood again :).

These last number of months have been a bit quiet because of my injury but I have still managed to do a few things. I’ve gotten a lot of rest and I’m ready to try and get back on my feet again.







So, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to these last number of months.  The only other thing is that I finally felt well enough to do a photo shoot that we rescheduled for late November due to my injury.  Here are a few highlights:

ww_winter2016_lo-res-18 ww_winter2016_lo-res-84 ww_winter2016_lo-res-86

And of course, I had a Christmas photo taken with my fabulous kids.  They love me to the moon and back.  I love them even more.


Well, that’s a wrap for this year.  I think I heard something about Lisa getting me a birthday cake so I’m looking forward to the rest of my afternoon.  Can you believe I’m 14 years old?  I think I’m finally all grown up.

Have an amazing Christmas and an even better New Year.  Thank you for taking care of me when no one else would and for finding my forever family.  I’ll be back to visit you soon.  XOXO.

Love you forever,